VCI is transformative in Michigan!

Pastor Jon Pohl of Ludington St. Paul UMC, one of our VCI pastors
explaining what VCI has meant for their church.


Pastor Ron Van Lente, Coloma UMC

“Over the past six weeks we have welcomed 14 new people to the congregation (plus 3 more kids). Two of those have already become new partners (members). Kathy and I hosted 4 of them at our house last Sunday for coffee and desert and they stayed 3 hours!!!!! Our Disciple’s path class has 5 of the new people in it. It’s starting to happen!”


Pastor Julia Humenik,
she was appointed to a VCI church already in the process

“I find that I’m in the unique position of being a new pastor who has entered into a two-point charge where one of the churches has been working through the VCI process.  I’m aware that I’m coming in at a point in that church’s process where a great deal of the “heavy-lifting” has already been done.  They’ve gone to the meetings, read the books, had the tough discussions, and worked through a great deal of their prescriptions.  I didn’t walk with them through the earlier stages of their process, and I only know stories of what the church was like before VCI.   But I can say this:  of the two churches in my charge, from there very beginning I’ve found it much easier to do ministry in the VCI Church.

While the other church is made up of very friendly people who want to grow, the VCI Church is (overall) much more receptive to new ideas, trying new things, and making actual, intentional, and meaningful changes.  Since I’ve been there I’ve witnessed the Sunday morning Praise team grow from one person to five people.  Their yearly “Backpack Carnival” reached a record number of children this Fall.  On our Rally Day we had zero children in Sunday School, whereas two weeks ago there were 14. And one of those children has expressed an interest in getting baptized!  It’s truly been an amazing thing to enter into, and I feel blessed to be able to witness the fruits that are coming from their past labor.”