Vital Church Initiative offers our pastors and congregations a better future.

Today many of our congregations find themselves on a plateau or in decline. This is a new process to engage our congregations for transformation.


Phase 1

 Shared Learning

Phase 2


Phase 3

 Implementation of Prescriptions

For more information check process page.

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“Over the past six weeks we have welcomed 14 new people to the congregation (plus 3 more kids). Two of those have already become new partners (members). Kathy and I hosted 4 of them at our house last Sunday for coffee and desert and they stayed 3 hours!!!!! Our Disciple’s path class has 5 of the new people in it. It’s starting to happen!”

Ron Van Lente,
Coloma UMC

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Here you can download the Vital Church Initiative Phase I Application


Here are the questions to the most common questions you might have and contact
info of the persons who can help with any others.